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There are places I need to go to, places I need to stop going to. Both aren't going to be easy.
I've gradually stopped going to places I used to go. It's not that hard to disappear quietly without being noticed. It's not like people there will notice my absence (well maybe the more observant ones will).
I know the places I have to go to. It's probably time for me to venture out there even though it scares the shit out of me. And I know I won't like what's out there. If only I could find people who believe in the same things I do, have the same values and morals... But that's highly impossible because society's how it is and people have no brains don't ever use their brains.


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Re: -_-
Post on Tue Feb 09, 2010 11:34 pm by Baka-Sama
Wow that is some deep thinking, as expected from the admin. I'll say, "don't look back, go wherever your heart tells you to go, you have people here who will stand by your side".
Re: -_-
Post on Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:13 pm by tite
The only thing to do is venture out and see it. You may not like everything that's out there, but the stuff you find that you do like will be that much more amazing. I say, if you get the chance, see evreything and experience everything you can. That way there are no regrets later. The thin about people believing the same as you, well really what you believe yourself may change in time. If everyone believed exactly as you did, the world would be pretty boring, wouldn't it. The question is how to do you react to those that think differently, do you open your mind and say "Huh, that's a possibility I never considered," give it some thought and come to a conclusion based on new information (even if it;s the same conclusion you already had). Or, do you just say "No, that's wrong, I don't like how you think, so you're wrong?"

I have faith in you, Wia. From everything I know of you, you're intelligent, witty, and usually considerate (atleast when other aren't being flat out stupid), so you'll be fine. You'll come across a lot of idiots out there in the world, but the ones you find that you do identify with, and in some cases, cherish, are all the more rewarding. You can't shut yourself off from all possibilities.
Re: -_-
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