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 400 Spoilers (short summary)

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PostSubject: 400 Spoilers (short summary)   Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:34 pm

Credit: Yagami1211@NF
Translation: sheetz@FLOL
No status as of yet.

sheetz wrote:
Yagami1211 posted this at NF and it does look legit.

Bleach caption: 裏原喜助登場!!一心と協力しての秘策とは!?
Translation: Urahara Kisuke arrives!! What is his secret plan in collaboration with Isshin!?

Here's the link if anyone wants to see the large pic, though it doesn't show much. This is just a translation of what the synopsis on the cover says.


First spoilers are out. No mention of Urahara, so I'm still uncertain about that top one. Anyway:

Credit: nja@2ch
Posted by ch1mera@FLOL
Translation: sheetz@FLOL
Status: Confirmed

ch1mera wrote:
from nja @ 2chan

Quote :

Gin makes a noise by clapping his hands.
ギン 届いたかな?
Gin: Did it reach you?
イチゴ … 
Ichigo: ...
(Maybe he's thinking about the speed the sound is transmitted.
今の 500倍だ! 13kmを音速の500倍の速度で伸びる刀らしいです
It's now 500 times! Apparently his sword extends to 13km at 500 times the speed of sound.

At the end Aizen is powered up.
Finally he says, "The purpose of the hyougoku is to make known my will."
って崩玉と合体だか融合だかを匂わせた所で 完です
He then gives a clue regarding his fusion with the hyougoku.

sheetz wrote:
Here's the 2nd spoiler
Quote :
んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg :2010/04 /14(水) 01:13:38 ID:SbY5mN1N0
So it appears the instant the sword is pointed towards the enemy he's dead.
The first attack pierces Ichigo in the shoulder, the 2nd one is somehow blocked.
ギン ああ~まだまだ成長する…楽しみやわ~って
Gin: Oh! It's still growing...This is fun!
感じで黒く笑ってました 市丸さんもぜんぜん本気じゃないっぽいですが
I get the feeling that even with his dark smile Ichimaru is being quite serious.

Link: FLOL

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PostSubject: Re: 400 Spoilers (short summary)   Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:28 am

Well I hope he is going to show up soon.
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400 Spoilers (short summary)
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