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 BLEACH STORY/ How Could This Be

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PostSubject: BLEACH STORY/ How Could This Be   Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:58 am

Ok this is my first try at a Bleach story. I will update it as I get more of it finished.

Chapter 1

As he awoken, he shivered do to the stiff cold wind that was blowing on to him. Ichigo looked around frantically until he remembered where he was. During the fight yesterday he some how ended in a different reality then his own. As the wind died down, he looked upon the vast barren wasteland in which he has been thrown. It reminded him of the time that he spent in Hueco Mundo. As he stared up into the large moon that lit up the desert to show its true beauty. The moon was so big and full that he felt as though he could just reach up and grab a hold of it.

OK, rest time is over he thought to him self as he got up off from the sand that was his bed. Looking into the distance Ichigo could just make out the faint flickering of what could be lights. The same lights that he saw earlier as the sun set.

“Damn it I don’t seem to be getting any closer to those lights.” Ichigo said aloud do to his anger.

“Well I can’t stay here any longer. I am sure if I just keep going towards that direction I will find something. Maybe even someone that can at least tell me where the hell I’m at.”

He walked for days and days, only stopping to rest for a few minutes at a time. The feeling of loneliness was almost unbearable. There was no one or anything to talk to, not even Sangetsu. There was nothing but sand. On his eighth day, a sand storm hit. It was such a massive storm that it even picked him up and sent him flying through the air. When Ichigo woke after the storm, He had no idea at all which way to even head to anymore.

Ichigo stood up and started to walk once more. He quickly fell to the ground once again, because he tripped on his tattered clothes. He stood up again but as he did, Ichigo noticed something in the sand. There in front of him, in the base of a sand dune was what looked like a door. As he got a little closer, he realized that it was indeed a door. Ichigo proceeded to knock on the door. He thought to himself what would he find on the other side of the door. Alternatively, who or even what would answer his knock. There was no answer to his knock. He did it again this time even louder than before still he got no reply. Then he tried to turn the handle it was locked.

Then out of nowhere, Ichigo felt a hand grab his shoulder. Ichigo reacted by shifting his body to one side. In an instant, he had his sword in his hands and swung it forward. Ichigo stopped mere inches from hitting the person standing behind him.

Standing before Ichigo with a terrified look on his face was an elderly man. This man was dressed in many layers of tattered cloths.

“I’m I’m sorry” Ichigo spouted as he lowered his Zanpaktou.

“That’s ok son it appears as though I startled you. I am the one that should be apologizing to you. After all, I did sneak up on you. Why not we go inside there is another storm coming. It may not be as bad as the one last night but I don’t want to be standing out here talking when it hits.” he said with a smile.

“Come in and sit down you look as though you have been walking for some time now.”

Ichigo stepped into a small two-room house, if that is what you want to call it. It was dark and a little cramped inside. They walked over and sat down at a small table.

“So you are not from around here are you?” I know pretty much everyone from around these parts. But I don’t recognize you at all.”

“Oh I’m sorry where are my manners? My name is Ichigo Kurasaki and I am not from this place at all.”

“Then did you get left behind from one of the traveling cities” the man asked.

“Can I ask you a question, it may seem strange but where are we?” Ichigo asked.

“Well before I give you an answer. I would like to ask you a few questions first.”

“Just by looking at your cloths and not to mention that sword for yours. Is this your idea of a joke or something? Your to old to be playing make believe.

“What do you mean make believe? My name is Ichigo Kurasaki and I am a substitute soul reaper.”

“Kid that is not funny, you know that it was the soul reapers that caused this to happen in the first place. In addition, there are no more soul reapers left here in the soul society, and it has been that way for some three hundred years now. Didn’t your parents teach you anything?”

“What the hell do you mean, here in the soul society. Also what do you mean by there are no more soul reapers?”

“It is just as I said the soul reapers are to blame for all of this. The soul society was once green and lush and also full of life. Nothing like what you see before you today.”

Ichigo just sat there with a stunned look on his face. As he thought to his self could this really be the soul society.

I hope that you liked the first chapter of my story. Please let me know what you think of it. I will be starting the next chapter soon.
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PostSubject: Re: BLEACH STORY/ How Could This Be   Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:01 am

it was good fangirl man i cant wait till the next chapter. h5
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PostSubject: Re: BLEACH STORY/ How Could This Be   Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:27 pm

Thanks Guess I glad that you liked it lala
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PostSubject: Re: BLEACH STORY/ How Could This Be   Tue Mar 09, 2010 7:09 am

Good stuff, Wes. I like it. I wanna know who the old man is, and what's going on. I demand more now! Razz

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PostSubject: Re: BLEACH STORY/ How Could This Be   

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BLEACH STORY/ How Could This Be
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