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 394 Spoilers

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PostSubject: 394 Spoilers   Wed Mar 03, 2010 6:42 pm

From BleachAsylum

Zangetsu01 wrote:
Quote :
7 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/03 /03(水) 18:03:02.00 ID:/XwP1lwx0

山ジー 剣はあきらめ拳で戦う。
山ジー ワンダーの腕もぎ取る


Quote :
150 :69るま ◆KENseIuXK2 :2010/03/03(水) 19:03:42 ID:2j9vpF9a0
じじいのピンチかと思われたが右の拳で殴り飛ばす(一骨という技名ぽい)。WWの腹に穴ができ るほど。
激しい戦闘が繰り広げられるが、WWに両手をつかまれ、さらに両肩から生えた無数の手によって 連続で殴打さ れる。
「せめても 童の姿でなくなってよかった。心後らず 打ち殺せる。」


Chronus wrote:

here's the full translation(of ohana's post):

-wonderweiss exchanged speech, knowledge, memory and reason for the ability to seal yama's RJ

-yama knocks away wonderweiss using his right hand and opens a hole in his stomach (the move is iterally called single bone)

-yama: "you think you can defeat me by sealing RJ? i've been the captain commander for 1000 years. it'll take another 1000 years before there's a shinigami as strong as i am"

-yama tries to fight aizen in close-quarter combat but was stopped by wonderweiss

-the battle is fierce, wonderweiss's hands are caught, but umpteen hands spawn from his shoulders hitting yama

-the attacks were completely useless

-yama: "is that all?"

-yama tears both hands off wonderweiss

-yama:"at least you don't look like a kid anymore. i can kill you without remorse"

-wonderweiss makes his usual nonsensical noise but his scream is filled with fear

-yama does his double fisted attack (double bone)

spacecat wrote:

Basic translation of Ohana's spoiler:

The old guy is going all out.
Yama Ji fights with his fists.
It ends with him punching Wonderweiss hard with both hands.


czeliate wrote:

ook..from what I understand about ohana and muguruma's spoilers..

it seems like yamajii has given up using his sword(ryuujiin jakka) and uses his fist to fight..
yamajii cuts WW's right hand(this technique is call.."一骨"(one bone?))
the last part, yamajii punches WW with both hands..this technique is call "双骨"(twin bone)~

on the other hand, there's one line I think it says WW was created to sealed ryuujiin jakka, because of this, he has lost his intellect,knowledge, language (you know,being a dumb kid)

so,now we get to know the reason WW does not speak+low IQ~


coloured by me
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PostSubject: Re: 394 Spoilers   Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:31 pm

Wow it looks like the old man has a lot of fight in him. Maybe Aizen under estimated him. But it sounds like it is going to be a good fight.
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PostSubject: Re: 394 Spoilers   Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:49 am

Thanks for the spoilers, Wia. I was at work all day yesterday and today, so I haven't has time.

Credit: 69ruma@2ch
Translation: sheetz@FLOL
Status: Confirmed.

sheetz wrote:

I finally got connected.
Wonderwyce was only created to seal Yama's abilities, but
he lost his speech, knowledge, memory, and reasoning.
Yama appeared to be in trouble, but he knocks him down with his right fist. (technique called 'one bone' or something like that)
The punch is so hard that it creates a hole in WW's abdomen.
"You thought you could defeat me by sealing Ryuujin Jakka?"
That he's been the Captain Commander for 1000 years means there isn't a shinigami stronger than him
born in the last 1000 years.
He aims a punch at Aizen's chest, but WW blocks it.
An intense battle unfolds and WW grabs his two hands. A large number of objects resembling arms sprout out of WW's shoulders and beat on Yama continuously.
However, they are ineffective against Yama. "Are you finished?" he asks WW. He then rips off both of WW's hands/arms.
「せめても 童の姿でなくなってよかった。心後らず 打ち殺せる。」
"At least you aren't in the form of a child. I can beat you to death without hesitation."
WW responds with his usual moaning, but it's with fear of Yama.
With both fists Yama pounds WW in the abdomen (technique called 'double bone'). That's it till next week.

It also looks like the Raw is available for download at

So translated chapter should be out soon.

Edit: Link to chapter

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PostSubject: Re: 394 Spoilers   Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:58 pm

this chapter was so beast that old fart can fight and i didn't think he's been leading the shingami for over 1,000 years how old does that make shunsui and ukitake?
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PostSubject: Re: 394 Spoilers   

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394 Spoilers
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