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 Fan Club rules

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PostSubject: Fan Club rules   Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:21 pm

*Stay on topic.

* Before making a fan club do a search and make sure that one doesn't already exist.

* If a fan club owner has been inactive for 3 months you may take over ownership of an FC. Please make a new FC with the same version number as the current inactive FC but add NEW to the title.

* If a fan club owner is inactive in an FC but active on the forum and you want to take over the FC, seek their permission via vm or pm first.


* FC owners cannot make specific rules that must be followed, you are not mods. If there are problems in your FC click the report post button and let the mods handle it.

* If you do not like a pairing DO NOT post in that pairing FC. If you read the fan club and want to discuss something that was said, please sort it out via PM or elsewhere, do NOT go into that fan club and start a war.

* You can discuss other pairings but when others discuss your pairing negatively and you don't like it don’t kick up a fuss.

* Neg reps to rival pairing FC posts won't be tolerated. I consider this being in an FC of a pairing you don't like therefore breaking a rule.
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Fan Club rules
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